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AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – AmazonBasics – top1shop

(13 customer reviews)
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AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

  • Exercise mat for yoga, pilates, and other workout routines.
  • Textured surface for enhanced traction
  • Measures approximately 74 x 24 x 0.5 inches (LxWxH).
  • 1/2-inch, extra-thick yoga mat for comfortable, cushioning support.
  • Made of lightweight, durable foam.
  • Carrying strap included.


Specification: AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – AmazonBasics – top1shop




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13 reviews for AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – AmazonBasics – top1shop

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Pranit

    I had this yoga mat for a total of 4 days before it tore (delivered March 27 tore March 30). I used it the first 3 days at home for light stretching and a beginners yoga class on day 4. While turning on my heal into a different pose, it tore the fabric. So disappointing, I loved the colour, length & thickness. But if this happened my first class, it’ll be destroyed in no time. Will be returning 🙁

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Do not buy!
    The only plus point about this mat is that it is thick. But that is it
    It is just a thick piece of sponge, not a yoga mat.
    It does not have the grip that a yoga mat must have. Keeps slipping.
    Also, after hardly 2 months of use, it has developed scratches and tears.
    It also expands in every direction and makes doing yoga more difficult rather than easy !

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  3. Rahul Raj

    Just received the package.
    PROS: And I have to say it is very COMFORTABLE and APPEALING .
    I did 12 plank variations for about 40 mins and there is no sign of it on the mat. I would say it has great ELASTICITY and STRENGTH. Going by my evaluation, it can easily last for 2 years without any considerable damage.

    CONS : Thickness is not as much advertised. Have included a reference pic. But the mat is STURDY, ELASTIC and STRONG . Has a GOOD GRIP on the polished marble floor.


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  4. Amazon Customer

    Espere un par de semanas para hacer esta reseñas y no tengo queja alguna. El tapete cumple con su función, soy una persona alta que pesa 110 kg y resulta super cómodo para cualquier actividad por su grosor y el material del que esta hecho. Leí algunas reseñas sobre olores o deformidades del tapete pero hasta el momento (3 semanas aprox, de uso regular) no he tenido ese problema. El único detalle es que con el sudor puedes resbalar al apoyarte pero se puede controlar y desde mi perspectiva no se hace un gran problema. Estoy muy satisfecho con mi compra.

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  5. Sai Krishna

    This is not just a yoga mat . U can use it as a mattress. It’s super thick and woow .. it’s super soft and just amazing .. it makes me feel like sleeping on it instead of doing yoga

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  6. JPNelson

    Received it yesterday. Have not opened it and saw two holes on the mat. Will be returning. After reading reviews from other people, it looks like the mat tearing and having holes is a common problem. We purchased an exact same Amazon basic mat before about 10 months ago and it is has been working out well which is why I got another one despite reading some of the recent poor reviews. Seems like quality has actually gone down recently or they are getting it from a different supplier.

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  7. Sai Akshay

    The mat is of very bad quality. The at slips on a tiled living room floor. When you do balancing positions on the yoga mat you can clearly feel the mat slipping away!!! This is very risky and harm your muscles and joints. Please DO NOT BUY.

    I got fooled thinking that its expensive ( bought for 999) and of amazon brand so must be good.
    The quality is worse than the 400rs mar which I used earlier

    Now moved to decathlon mat. Bought the 1299 variant. Quite good !!! I am happy with it .

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  8. Marshall

    The only good thing about this yoga mat is its thickness and the padding it provides for the knees. Apart from that, the fabric is just not suitable for everyday practitioners. I’ve been using this mat for three months and here’s why I wouldn’t recommend it:
    1. The fabric is too fluffy. This might make the mat lightweight but it’ a huge compromise on your stability when you practice – holding postures like high lunge, warrior 3, standing splits, tree, etc. will make you all wobbly as if you’re on a feather mattress.
    2. Because of the airy fluffy fabric, it dents easily. So the spots where you stand the most of place your knee the most will become dented and wrinkly within days of using this mat, making the surface uneven and more unstable.
    3. The material is strangely stretchy, so if you’re in plank or downward facing dog where your hands and feet are extending in opposite directions, the mat will weirdly stretch out. This is an extremely bizarre thing because you start off with your hands and feet exactly where they should be according to the posture but end up with them splaying out because your mat can’t hold still!
    4. The floor-facing side of this mat has zero grip. In fact, it can change position at the slightest touch. It’s like practicing yoga on Aladdin’s flying carpet. You start in one spot of the room and – if you don’t keep shimmying and wiggling in the middle of your practice to keep the mat in its place – you will end up in quite a different place by the time you finish practice, and not in a good way!

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  9. Sai Krishna

    Ok there are a lot of reviews some of them are good some of them are bad. I wasn’t really sure about this product but I bought it and I’m completely satisfied. Comes with strap YES IT DOES. I don’t know about others but I’ll recommend this product because of its first Impression. I orderd a red one but it looks like pink 😛

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  10. Rahul Raj

    Very Slippery
    Some standing and moving practices are really tough to do
    Body is not able to balance itself
    I recommend to try some other
    6 mm yoga mat is just perfect for this purpose
    I have used that before
    This one was a mistake !

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  11. JPNelson

    Lo único que no me agradó del producto es que ya se le han hecho huecos, el material literalmente es muy delicado. De grosor esta excelente, tengo detalles en mi rodilla y este permite una buena resistencia y comodidad para mis rodillas. Efectivamente cuando sudas o haces ejercicios como yoga te resbalas dependiendo de la posición. Aún así me parece muy cómodo para ejercicios en casa.

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  12. Pranit

    I really like this exercise mat! I am a regular exerciser and have gone through tons of mats. This one is definitely thicker than most, and also longer than most! That’s a plus because I’m 5ft9 and I sometimes feel like mats are way too short for me when laying down to do sit-ups or stretches. Unlike other reviewers, my mat came with absolutely so smell whatsoever, even when I have my face on it doing yoga. I got the red color and it’s vibrant and beautiful. The color does not transfer like some super-cheap mats I’ve owned that eventually stain my hands and knees when things get sweaty. I also love using this for cardio with jumps. It has great cushion for landing which is soft on the feet and knees. I also appreciate the extra padding when doing yoga poses like cat/cow because otherwise my hardwood floors really hurt my knees. While it does squish slightly and leave hand and foot dents momentarily, it quickly springs back to its normal shape. Some reviewers mentioned the extra padding being a nuisance when standing on your feet in tough-to-balance yoga poses like tree, but I have have absolutely no problems and it actually feels better on my feet than the hardwood floor or super-thin mats. It has good grip and doesn’t move around or slip even when barefoot. I really like that the ridges on the top of the mat run in parallel lines in only one direction, rather than being cross-hatched or bumpy. Mats with other patterns like that are much harder to wipe clean when dirt gets stuck in the ridges. I also appreciate the included carrying strap to keep it rolled up and to carry it around. Some reviewers complain that the mat is too big and bulky, but I like the thickness and length when using it, so of course it’s a bit bigger than the thin-as-paper mats when rolled up. Duh! Overall, another solid Amazon Basics product. Every Amazon product I’ve purchased so far has been of great quality for the price. Edit: see the photo of this red mat next to my old purple mat. It’s a couple inches longer than a standard mat and about 3x as thick!

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  13. Ananya







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